Mental Health

I’m not stressed!!

“I know how you feel, I’m stressed too”.

Just no. Stop right there. Anxiety is NOT the same as being stressed. So please do not compare me to your stressed self because you do NOT know how anxiety feels.

Yes anxiety and stress are similar but they are very different too. They have majority of the same symptoms;

  • Troubled sleeping
  • Unease stomach
  • Irritability

But the one symptom which shows the difference is the constant unease feeling of dread and apprehension with anxiety.

So differences between Stress and Anxiety…

Anxiety is 24/7, stress will last a few hours (depending how long the task will take) and then disappears.


  1. Over thinking 24/7 day and night!
  2. The daily task is never complete, the constant worry/dread will remain afterwards.
  3. Feel uneased, worried, fear
  4. Panic attacks


  1. Under pressure
  2. Feel tense or emotional
  3. Feel overloaded
  4. Stress ends once the task/responsibilty is complete and ‘ahhh relax’ sigh of relief! Bye bye stress!

The thing is with anxiety, your mind is constantly on the go 24/7. The mind needs to have something to focus on instead of doing nothing and going into thinking mode because that is a recipe for a disaster.

If i’m bored and have nothing to occupy or focus my mind on, then you can say hello to my anxiety and panic attacks. My mind needs to be kept busy and focused all the time, not to the extreme where I’m run off my feet (I do chill and watch tv all night) but then my mind is still focused on something so simple and non-strenuous.

It makes me laugh when people think ‘don’t put too much on him/her, they have anxiety and you will stress them out’ so what If I/he/she has anxiety? Doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of completing the load, we are still human. It’s all about managing it and everybody is different and reacts differently to all situations.

I’m a very organised person in my work and home life. I love lists, I have lists coming out of my ears but you know what it’s the one prevention and coping techniques I have from becoming stressed and triggering off my anxiety. How? Well it’s because I’m all in control of my load.

So before you judge them, and think they can’t do this load as they will get too stressed as they have anxiety. Those people will probably have their own way of coping with it.

This link outines Stress Vs Anxiety. They really are not the same. Next time you think ‘they have anxiety, I’m stressed I know how they feel’ stop and think because that’s not true.

I’m off to do some crochet for the evening now…

Hugs, A x

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