Mental Health

Three simple words

Talking. For something so simple, it’s easier said than done. It seems to be the one thing we all lack in when life gets all on top of us and we just want to pop!

It’s like you want to talk and offload but then you don’t want to burden someone with your own feelings or you feel silly of whatever is bothering you. Then you wonder what that person will say, react, do. Or will they laugh? You don’t know. So you just think it’s easier to just bottle it up than to talk to someone.

Well that’s not the case really. It may be easier for you to not talk to someone and avoid the conversation, but it’s not easier on your mental wellbeing/health.

Last night, I managed to catch up with a friend (we are rubbish at making arrangements and texting back to each other and will go weeks without talking. But we know we are always there for each other!) She told me so much has gone on recently and now she just isn’t feeling herself. She didn’t want to burden me with all of it as she felt silly because they may only be little things but to her they were a huge deal. Which is fine, everyone has their own perspective on different things and what matters the most to them. So I just said “just offload on me please!”

After about 5 minutes I recieved a maaassssiveee long text!! And at the end of it she said ‘that felt soo good to get off my chest!’ As much as it wasn’t a happy time for her, it made me smile knowing she felt a little better just offloading and I did something good and helped her.

People think when we all say talking is the key for your mental health, it means going to see a counsellor or someone professional. That’s not the case, a friend or family member are just as important as a counsellor would be.

Sometimes being asked three simple words will help open that door to get people talking “are you ok?” Those three words have such an impact and effect, it will mean so much to someone struggling. Don’t be afraid to say them, someone could really need them and you will have helped someone who’s going through dark patch.

If you have a family member or a friend you can trust and are comfortable with, then just ask them for five minutes of their time, and offload. You’ll notice a big relief within yourself and feel a little bit better.

You’re all thinking “yeah yeah easier said than done” and I totally agree with you. I was in that position before and once I confronted and offloaded my big rucksack that I had been carrying to a family member and a counsellor, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Everyone needs to offload one day or another. We are all only human at the end of the day. Have a cuppa and a chat, I promise it will help you feel just a little better atleast.

Big hugs, A x

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