Mental Health

R.E.D January 2018

So today marks the first day of 2018 and also the first page of the blank story book for us all to write. Most importantly, it is the first day of R.E.D January for Mind – mental health charity. The first day of changing my mental and physical health with being active.

Firstly, you are probably wondering what is RED January. Well, it’s promoting mental health and wellbeing through exercise and being active.

R.E.D stands for Running Every Day. Although you don’t have to run everyday, just do something active every day.

For your mental health, the key to keep it under control is through being active. Not like a marathon or walking the great wall of china and setting massive goals like that, it’s more like doing yoga, taking a walk, a jog, a swim, absolutely anything! The list is endless. So throughout the whole of January, you do something active EVERYDAY.

My aim is to run a mile, just ONE mile, a day so by January 31st 2018, I would have ran 31 miles in total.

I saw RED being advertised through facebook, I thought how hard can that be? How much fun would it be? I decided to take part in RED for myself and to raise awareness of mental health and to #beattheblues and #breakthestigma. I want people to get talking about mental health, it’s so taboo and it’s really nothing to be ashamed of.

For 2018, I am determined to accept and control my mental health. I will try absolutely anything to get better and help myself. It’s going to be a big year in 2018 and these events are bound to set off my anxiety and panic attacks with a vengence. So RED has arrived at the perfect time, just before all the craziness of CHANGE begins!

In honour of RED, I had my nails redone (Thank you beautify you in Bridgend, South Wales).

With so much meaning painted on to my nails, I will know that when I struggle to do RED somedays and no doubt want to give up, the reason why I am actually doing this. TO CONTROL THE MONKEY.

This monkey on my nails represents my mental health. This monkey will look at me (whilst I run haha!) and think “This girl is determined to overcome me” and yes I am. Even if I don’t overcome him (as it isn’t easy to deal with on a daily basis anyway) I am determined to control my monkey. I am determined to overcome him and I WILL accept him in my life under my terms, HE WILL NOT RUN MY LIFE!

Mind – mental health charity does fantastic work all year round, so to give something back to them will mean so much to them.

So please RED and Mind – mental health charity means so much to me. It is dearly close to my heart. I would really appreciate any little sponsor you can give…

This girl can beat the blues and will break the stigma of mental health!

Happy new year, A x

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