Mental Health

Anxiety vs Ambitions

Anxiety isn’t just about constant worry 24/7. It’s second guessing yourself all the time.

  • Why did I say that?
  • What are they going to say?
  • Am I making the right choice?
  • Is this a good idea?
  • Can I actually do this?
  • I don’t think I can do this
  • It’s not the right time

Imagine trying to make a big decision and want to follow your dream and constantly having these statements going around and around in your head. It drives you crazy.

People say just go for it, you’ll only regret it. I know I’ll regret it but these statements trick my mind and set my anxiety to a high.

Everytime I set my heart on something, it comes to the month or so before and I give in to the anxiety and don’t fulfil them. Even though I really really want to.

The unknown kicks in. The anxiety levels increase and I have panic attacks. The heart starts racing, all the thoughts and questions start reiterating around and round my head and I get extemerly emotional. These are the worst combinations ever to be able to accomplish my dreams.

I’d do absolutely anything to achieve my goals and dreams I have set out in my mind. My mind is insanely overactive and creative, it comes up with one idea after another after another. It just doesn’t stop. I have had to write a ‘bucket list’ to be able to log all my ideas and hopefully one day now it is all written down, I will be able to accomplish atleast one of my mind’s big ideas and dreams.

I have learnt that taking one goal/dream at a time helps and also do not expect miracles when you have big dreams and goals. It takes time, effort and lots of hard work to achieve them and to get where you really want to be.

Slow progress is good progress.

Good luck with you dreams and goals, A x

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