Mental Health

Big fat elephant ugh.

A panic attack is horrible. I have so many changes and things happening, all that’s happening is a panic attack. Not severe, just a big fat elephant sat on my chest making it 10x harder for me to breathe.

With general anxiety disorder, change is a massive trigger to the attacks. It’s like looking at a lion in a corner of a room and not knowing which way to run, or your comfort bubble is about to pop because something new is about to happen and the unknown of it is just killing you inside. It’s the change that you have got to adapt to and get used to. Not knowing how you or anyone will react towards it, even if it is a positive change. It’s just not in your daily bubble that you are used to.

This big fat elephant is just not budging, it’s just found a comfy spot and making every single possible change/event that I am going to go through this year 10x harder.

I’ll probably want to chicken out and run and hide in my bed and not come out of hiding as it’s just too much.

I want to be able to do this and atleast accomplish one of my dreams. In the mean time, before I start the big step to my dream career in September, I will do anything to prepare me for it.

  • Baby goals along the way,
  • mindfulness to fulfil and clear my mind

and anything else I can think of or you can suggest me trying in preparation of these new changes and big events.

Hugs, A x

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