Mental Health

The power of fresh air

I never really exercised outdoors, or infact my daily routine consisted of waking up, going to work (stuck in an office), come home, back in my pjs and be a couch potato for the rest of the night; then the next day, the routine cycle starts again. Not very exciting for a 23 year old right?

Anyways, November last year I was off work for a panic attack. I was up all night with it, it didn’t let me sleep. I was like a zombie to say the least. I was exhausted. My body was knackered, my head and face hurt and did not want to go to work.

Whilst I was off, I came across an advert on facebook to sign up for R.E.D January (probably seen my previous blog posts about it). So I signed up, and thought what am I doing? I have to break my comfortable routine (of course my bubble is about to be popped with something new) and I have to keep at it for a month. That’s a challenge in itself to break the daily cycle, but I gave it a go.

I didn’t complete it all, but I done roughly half of the challenge, (I came down with that ridiculous flu that went around and wiped me out for a few weeks). During the first 2 weeks, I saw a difference in myself. I dragged myself out for a run on my bad down days, and when I came back it was like I was a different person. I started to enjoy the fresh air.

The power of fresh air

It’s like the fresh air is magic. It has a magic wand and clears your head and pumps some happy chemicals to the brain.

When I stopped doing the running, I noticed I was back to square one again with my mood/emotions, my anxiety attacks. Like the old me returned. And if i’m truthfully honest, I never got back to it like I always keep telling myself to do.

Recently, I have had a bit of a tough time, and dealing with all the stresses that came along with it, hasn’t helped. I didn’t really expect 2018 to start like this. It hasn’t been the greatest of starts to the year. I’ve been so busy and buried myself in work I haven’t had time to relax or think about what happened. I’m on annual leave now and it’s all caught up with me and realisation sinking in. It hurts alot…

Anyways.. today in my grump of a mood, again, I cried all morning, head banging, eyes puffy etc etc! My parents dragged me out for FRESH AIR and I ended up going for a walk to clear the mind!!

And you know what… it done me the world of good! I had a smile on my face, I was laughing. I had a cocktail (hehe) and I enjoyed the walk. I became a different person and that’s all down to the power of fresh air.

My advice to absolutely anyone, mental health sufferer or not, ANYONE… If you feel down, sad, anxious, on edge, ‘okay’ or even happy but bored maybe. I suggest going outside, does not have to be exercising, I went for a stroll, nothing energetic. You can sit in your garden, walk around the block or something, nothing massive, just go outside. You’ll notice a difference in yourself, even if it’s a little one.

Everyone should include atleast 5 minutes of fresh air into their daily routine. It’s amazing what the power of fresh air can do to our mind and emotions.

It’s amazing!

Hugs, A x

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