Mental Health

A year on…

Eeek guess what!! Today is the day that I wrote my first ever blog post! It’s one year since I opened up and spoke out about suffering with anxiety and panic attacks!

At first I was abit nervous, anxious, worried, and overthought every possible response I could get when I published my first post! I thought everyone was going to judge me, I thought I was going to get laughed at.

But you know what?! It was the complete opposite. Everyone was really nice and supportive. I’ve had people coming up to me and talking about mental health, people saying how they relate to my posts and I didn’t even realise myself.

Nobody has treated me differently. I’m still the same old me. Nothing has changed!! And that’s what has shone through once I have spoken out about my mental health.

Mental health illness does not define you, it’s just an illness which can be dealt with or cured.

So much has happened in a space of a year…

We’ve had guest posts of all kinds of mental health illnesses. I’ve been back to counselling sessions. I’ve been in situations where my anxiety was an all time high and I’ve come out on top and still standing strong!

Mental health illness isn’t simple and linear, it’s a little rollercoaster with its bumps along the journey.

I hope My Monkey Mind has helped people to not feel alone and people start to open up and talk about their mental health.

Millions and millions of people in the whole world suffer with a mental health illness but it’s not known or well talked about because people are ashamed by it. They are worried they will be judged by others. You know what? It’s more common than what everyone thinks. Just no one talks.

My Monkey Mind aim is to break the taboo stigma of mental health and to get people talking.

So happy one year to My Monkey Mind!! Here’s to many more and to break the stigma of mental health illness!!

Let’s talk everyone. Nothing to be ashamed of!!

Big hugs, A x

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